March 2022

My name is Chris B. I broke my ankle and had to go through a therapeutic therapy routine. I must admit, it was rough at first. I couldn’t see the light. I was in a wheelchair for a long time, it seemed like forever. Then I started working with Adaiah. Things seemed to start getting easier when we first started working together. I really like the way she runs her ship. She knows how to get her point across without being a hardnose. She’s kind, patient and it seems like she enjoys her job.

Now, if I ever get into this position again, I hope to get a therapist like Adaiah. I hope I never get in this position again but if I do I know where to come.

I want to thank Adaiah and all the rest of the staff that helped me get through this and God Bless.

Forever Thankful,

Chris B.

P.S. Give Adaiah a raise.

Chris B.

August 30, 2021

Hi, I’m Sarah P. I was an unable body that could not get around doing too much of nothing especially walking and using my upper body. The 2 therapists helped me come a long way in my exercises. By using my thera-band to help strengthen my muscles, shoulder & chest, and upper back, and doing other exercise to help improve the muscles in my legs. The 2 ladies Ms. Adaiah and Ms. Hallie are the 2 best therapists that you could ever want. I had no problem getting help from them. I’m back in shape from doing my exercises. I am walking and moving my upper muscles, legs, and other parts of my body. I’m doing real good. They are very good therapists. Thank you to my 2 therapists good job, I couldn’t walk good, get out of bed , and now I could move, walk, move my body part. I am so happy.

Thank you Adaiah & Hallie for your help. Thank you to all the other people who helped too.

Sarah P.

Prior to my stay at Mt Airy Gardens I had trouble walking and using my upper body. The therapy I received helped me regain my strength; now back in shape, I could not be happier.

Sarah P.

I just want to say thank you to the staff at Mt. Airy Gardens. My mother has been here for years and is still there. In the past year and a half her care is at the best it has EVER been. If anyone actually spends time in this building and observes what goes on they would definitely see all the improvements and how much everyone cares and how hard they work. Your Director of Nursing is great, and I hope she never leaves!

Casey M.

Had my grandmother here for a few weeks after she fell at home. They did a great job on her, and the staff was always very friendly to us. I’d definitely recommend.

Rose L.

Just had my mother there for a short term stay. The staff was kind and caring and always willing to help with whatever we needed. The food was really good according to my mother. Physical therapy took amazing care of her and got her home in better shape than what she was in before she went to the hospital.

Family member of resident

I’m here right now and when I first came I could not walk or move my shoulders and within the first week therapy had me walking now. My arms are moving therapy is the best here they push you to get well. The nurses that are here from what I see go out of their way to help you.

Samantha A.

My family member was here for a few weeks and came home healthy and happy. I really appreciate what the staff did for him, especially the Director of nursing and the nurse Brandy. Please keep doing what you are doing!

Al R.

A nice place, I needed to put my mom here for a bit, I think there doing a great job.

Kelly J.

Real warm and friendly staff!
Elliott P.

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